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Established in 1994, ELECTRECH (Pvt.)Limited has an 8,500 m² factory that is well equipped with CNC Controlled Sheet Steel Fabrication, Powder Coating and Assembly facilities to design and manufacture Electrical Switchgear with strict quality control that conforms to relevant International Standards.
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Established in 1994, ELECTRECH (Pvt.)Limited has an 8,500 m² factory that is well equipped with CNC Controlled Sheet Steel Fabrication, Powder Coating and Assembly facilities to design and manufacture Electrical Switchgear with strict quality control that conforms to relevant International Standards. By the Grace of Almighty ALLAH, company has achieved the client's trust, providing them excellent services and support. Our Local and International Partners played a vital role for obtaining these mile stones.
Having the full scope of manufacturing facilities all under one roof enables us to ensure high quality, speedy turn over, and a hands-on approach to satisfy the needs of our customers. The company is also well equipped with the most modern testing equipments to ensure the highest level of quality.
Sheet Metal Fabrication Punching & Forming Welding
Pretreatment & Powder Coating Assembly
ELECTRECH'S , top management and its employees shall endeavor to ensure the satisfaction of our stakeholders by providing them with the best value in every product and service , while recognizing that Quality , Health , Safety, Environment and Community responsibilities are an integral part of our operations. We are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.
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ELECTRECH Switchgear manufactures a wide range of LV Switchgear panels and offers Technical Services as an independent third-party testing, commissioning and engineering services company.


LV Switchgear
MV Switchgear
Distribution Boards
AMF / ATS Panels
Cable Trays & Ladders
Substations are manufactured to facilitate the whole distribution network through centralized system. The compact substation consists of three compartments - medium voltage, transformer & low voltage. Compact substations are fully weather proof, designed and fabricated as per requirement of the client. Secondary unit substations consist of three sections segregated with painted wire mesh. One medium voltage ring main unit (RMU) incoming section, one transformer section, and one outgoing low voltage switchboard sections. Each section is equipped with internal lighting. All compartments are fitted with double leaf doors provided with door stays to allow 120 degree opening, sand trap louvers and padlocking facility. The substations have a top slanted roof under which an additional internal ceiling is fixed. The substations are designed for outdoor service.
We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of low voltage switchgear for industrial, commercial and residential sectors. The low voltage switchgear is high valued for its excellent quality, reliability, durability, easy operation, robust construction and low maintenance. Manufactured from premium quality raw material on advance machines, equipment and tools. These panels / boards are carefully examined by our quality controllers in our well developed testing laboratory on predetermined parameters to ensure quality, durability and performance. In addition, ELECTRECH has paced in manufacturing low voltage electrical switchgear in separated functional units complying with internal forms of separation i.e forms 1-4 & types 1-7. Low voltage switchboard is metal clad, totally enclosed, cubicle type with lockable hinged doors, front access, floor mounting in free standing design for indoor / out door services.
The increasing use of high voltages for electrical distribution both in industrial and commercial applications placed additional requirements on the switchgear which is installed in these facilities. 
ELECTERCH offers a wide variety of modern medium voltage metal clad switchgear which is carefully designed to provide personal and equipment safety and manufactured to meet the varied requirements of most purchasers and users. The compact metal clad switchgear offers flexibility in locating various elements of the apparatus including the circuit breaker, auxiliary and metering cell with in the structure layout. Each vertical section contains main bus bar compartment and two cell for auxiliary devices and circuit breakers including primary and secondary disconnects, instrument transformers, instruments and relays, secondary wiring and other component as necessary.The medium voltage metal clad switchgear comprised of individual cubicles for each incomming, outgoing feeders, grounding transformer and station transformers etc.
Distribution board (or panelboard) is a device of an electricity supply system which divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit, in a common enclosure. Normally, a main switch, and in recent boards, one or more Residual-current devices (RCD) or Residual Current Breakers with Overcurrent protection (RCBO), will also be incorporated. Distribution Boards also known as final DB's used to protect the appliances under short circuit and over load conditions. The distribution boards are of two types. Light Distribution Boards Power Distribution Boards
Special modules are used to achieve required function of automation where alternate power supplies are available. AMF: (Auto Main Failure) This system consists of microprocessor based control module, to monitor the presence of city power and enables switching device to start the generator in case of power failure in a specified time as programmed. ATS: (Auto Transfer Switch) This transfers load from main supply to generator to main supply according to operational sequence as programmed. These panels can also be supplied with manual over ride system. AMF & ATS: This system consists of microprocessor based control module and a change over system housed in an enclosure. It has an auto sensing system which starts and transfers load to generator in a specified time as programmed in case of city power failure.
Cable Containment System (trunking, perforated cable tray and cable ladder) is simple, proper and inexpensive method for routing and supporting all types of electrical power and control cables used in commercial, industrial and government sectors. We manufacture cable containment system in various sizes with complete line of fittings and accessories to meet installation requirements. The following types of metal and non magnetic cable containment are being supplied to our client. G.I perforated cable tray / cable Ladder. M.S perforated cable tray / cable ladder hard dip galvanized. M.S perforated cable tray / cable ladder powder coated. Alumenium perforated cable tray. S.S wire mesh cable tray.
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