ACL Cables PLC

ACL Cables PLC is the largest manufacturer of Cables in Sri Lanka . Having pioneered the industry in 1962, today ACL has grown to a Group of Companies holding a 70% share of the cable market in Sri Lanka . One of the principle objectives of ACL is to participate in the infrastructure development of the country and the region, by providing cables and conductors for the transmission, distribution and utilization of electricity. ACL continues to innovate and lead the field in the introduction of new products, modern technology and machinery. In the four decades of its existence, the Company has evolved into a specialized manufacturer and supplier of the widest range of quality cables and conductors in the country, while possessing the most advanced technology in the Asian region in the manufacture of low voltage cross linked polyethelene cables.


One of the company’s most notable technology transfer agreements in recent times have been with NOKIA of Finland for the manufacture of XLPE Insulated Cables, Aerial Bundled Cables and Aluminum Alloy Conductors.


Today, ACL is the most sought after brand of cables in Sri Lanka , having supplied 80% the requirements of Duty Free projects involving overseas investors approved by the Board of Investment, despite the presence of many competing, foreign brands of cables. Of the 11 tallest buildings in Sri Lanka , 8 are wired with ACL Cables. In addition, all leading factories, hotels, commercial buildings and warehouse use ACL cables. ACL was awarded the prestigious ISO 9002 Certificate in the year 1998. Presently, ACL is working towards the achievement of the ISO 14000 certificate.


ACL is now actively seeking opportunities for the export of cables to the regional markets. ACL has already exported cables to projects and electricity distribution authorities in Bangladesh , the Maldives , United Kingdom and Tanzania.



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