Bus Tie Ducts & Rising Mains
ELECTRECH offer highly efficient HT/LT Bus Duct and rising mains. This is offered with both indoor and outdoor construction with IP42/55 degree of protection. The type of bus duct are offered in aluminum and copper based and manufactured as per the International Standards. The device is for low voltage up to 1kv bus-bar trunk systems. The Bus Duct is specially developed for voltage above 1kv up to and including 36kv. The metal enclosed bus systems are based on design parameters and service conditions as per the application of bus ducts which follows: High Breaking Capacity Easy to Install Easy Operation Smooth Functioning Can Withstand on High Temperature & Heat High Functionality / Conductivity Non-segregated/segregated/Isolated phase, cross over chamber, vertical /horizontal Bus-duct calculation for Designing Carrying conductor ,Heating effects, Thermal effects ,electro dynamic Force, Voltage drop Skin & proximity effects in the terms of bus-bar reactant, etc. Low volt product & medium voltage products having insulator support capacity should be 2.5kv & 11kv respectively with high tensile fastener for bus bar joints & copper flexible.

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