Giant Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Industries
Giant Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Industries was founded in 1989 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, as a member of the Giant Group. Its vision was to become a manufacturer specialising in the production of glass reinforced polyester enclosures and kiosks for application in the electrical industry. Since then, GRP Industries has grown to become the largest manufacturer of polyester enclosures and kiosks in the Middle East. Its products are certified and utilised by the water and electricity governing bodies of several MENA countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Egypt. To cater to the growing needs of a rapidly industrialising and developing UAE, the company has diversified its product range into the construction sector, with a wide range of glass reinforced polyester roofing products. GRP Industries’ specialised engineering team is capable of manufacturing customisable roofing products such as domes, corner flashings and soaker panels that can be installed in warehouses, malls and buildings.
GRP Products Range

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