Medium Voltage Switchgear
The increasing use of high voltages for electrical distribution both in industrial and commercial applications placed additional requirements on the switchgear which is installed in these facilities. ELECTERCH offers a wide variety of modern medium voltage metal clad switchgear which is carefully designed to provide personal and equipment safety and manufactured to meet the varied requirements of most purchasers and users. The compact metal clad switchgear offers flexibility in locating various elements of the apparatus including the circuit breaker, auxiliary and metering cell with in the structure layout. Each vertical section contains main bus bar compartment and two cell for auxiliary devices and circuit breakers including primary and secondary disconnects, instrument transformers, instruments and relays, secondary wiring and other component as necessary. The medium voltage metal clad switchgear comprised of individual cubicles for each in coming, outgoing feeders, grounding transformer and station transformers etc. All medium voltage cubicles are assembled to form a station switchgear lineup.
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